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Dr. Libich's New hA2cg Evolution Diet Protocol

Just recently the FDA ruled homeopathic forms of HCG illegal (as I figured they would with all the Internet scams out there and unsupervised weight loss programs) and have issued several letters to companies selling the product. The company, Deseret Biologicals, Inc., that I receive hA2cg Evolution from, emailed the following letter to me December 6, 2011:

Dear Practitioner,

In mid-2010, DesBio began conducting extensive scientific research with the goal of developing  the most effective and specialized homeopathic product in the professional market to accompany a low- or very-low-calorie weight loss plan. We were proud to introduce hA2cg Evolution in August of 2011. This homeopathic formula does not contain homeopathic HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), but rather the two active amino acid chains proven most likely to support a low-calorie-diet.  Through this formula, we have been able to provide our practitioners with an innovative, patent-pending, solution that provides the many benefits of a low-calorie-diet support product. Since its introduction, practitioner and patient response alike has been overwhelmingly positive to this revolutionary approach to supporting practitioner-guided weight management.

Due to the lack of clarity regarding the regulatory position of homeopathic HCG, DesBio discontinued selling its homeopathic HCG formula earlier this year, long before any official clarification from the FDA was issued.  With the introduction of ha2cg Evolution, we feel that we provide a formulation that not only provides enhanced effectiveness, but also fits well within current FDA parameters for homeopathic products. It should also be noted that the majority of FDA focus has been directed towards OTC and retail HCG products, with very little discussion regarding the use of HCG among licensed healthcare professionals.

As a professional-grade company, DesBio has long stood by that all of our products and protocols are intended to be utilized under the care of a licensed healthcare professional. We continue to maintain that the low- or very-low-calorie diet options that are supported by the hA2cg Evolution formula should be medically-supervised by a healthcare provider that diligently monitors their patients from start to finish.

At DesBio, we strive to provide our healthcare providers with the highest quality products and always consider safety and current regulations of utmost importance. We stand behind hA2cg Evolution as an HCG-free solution to supporting your low- or very-low-calorie protocols and will continue to provide you with the most innovative homeopathic products on the professional market.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email Dr. Shelton, Clair, or Jake.

Best Regards,
Jake Carter
CEO Deseret Biologicals, Inc.


If you have a BMI of 25 or less, you may skip the weight loss section.

You can quickly check your BMI here: BMI Calculator

Libich Chiropractic’s

hA2cg Evolution 
Weight Loss Program


This is intended to give fair notice of the requirements of patients seeking to participate in the hA2cg Evolution Weight Loss Program at Libich Chiropractic, to fully disclose any risks associated with participation in the hA2cg Evolution Weight Loss Program, and to obtain written “Informed Consent” from the patient to undergo treatment. Although the protocol is based on the premises Dr. Simeons proposed using HCG, it's important to understand that hA2cg Evolution does not contain HCG.

Historical Applications:

HCG was used in the treatment of obesity disorders by a British doctor and PhD. ATW Simeons of the renowned Salvator Mundi International Hospital in Rome, Italy over a 16 year period commencing in the mid 1950’s. Dr. Simeons concluded that HCG (“Human Chorionic Gonadotrophic”) Hormone when used for weight reduction and concurrent with a regimented low calorie diet, not only resulted in significant weight loss from targeted areas where fat deposits were likely to collect, but also improved the lipolytic functions of the body when co-utilized with dietary protein sources.  Dr. Simeons hypothesized that HCG, which is produced in the female body in large quantities during pregnancy and had a significant role in not only producing a healthy placenta for the fetus to survive, but also had a role in metabolizing fats deposits from the mothers' subcutaneous fat stores as an additional food source for the fetus. Dr. Simeons theorized that by giving daily injections of small amounts of HCG concurrent with a controlled low calorie diet, that the HCG would mobilize the fat into the blood stream where protein and various enzymes could exercise their lipolytic functions (lipolytic means to break down fats usually for the consumption of energy). Dr. Simeons’ clinic had a 97% success ratio.

Regular administration of low-dose HCG in combination with a very low calorie diet “resets” the diencephalon. This results in the patient sustaining the weight loss because the body “remembers” the weight at the end of the protocol. Dr. Simeons regularly observed fat loss of a pound a day, and millions across the globe have seen similar results by following the program Simeons prescribed in his 1954 book, Pounds and Inches. A number of medical authorities have since supported the theories advanced by Simeons. In “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise” (19:5, sec 179-190, 1986), Dr. Layman, MD affirmed that the intake of high dietary protein (1) aided in the metabolism of the free floating fat, (2) enhanced increased muscle mass, (3) preserved protein composition in organs, (4) stabilized the blood glucose levels, and (5) enhanced the production of human growth hormone from the pituitary gland. Accord in J Am Coll Nutr 2004 Dec. 23 (6:Suppl) 631S-636S

Around 2003 homeopathic forms of HCG became available and many medical doctors and other health care providers have had as much success, if not more, using homeopathic forms of HCG over the injectable form. Tens of thousands of patients have achieved remarkable, sustainable weight loss with this homeopathic approach to the program.

In August of 2011, Deseret Biologicals Inc. released a product that uses the 2 active amino acid chains proven most likely to support a low-calorie-diet. This homeopathic formula does not contain homeopathic HCG.

Nevertheless in spite of these findings by specialized experts in the field of Preventative Health Care, the American FDA requires the following disclaimer:

“This weight reduction treatment includes the use

of hA2cg Evolution, a drug which has not been approved by the

Food and Drug Administration as safe and effective

in the treatment of obesity or weight control.  There

is no substantial evidence that hA2cg Evolution increases weight

loss beyond that resulting from calorie reduction, that

it causes a more attractive or “normal” distribution of

fat, or that it decreases the hunger and discomfort

associated with calorie restricted diets.”

Three Types of Fat

The human body contains three types of fat:
  • Structural fat—resides around joints, organs, blood vessels, and skin to provide protection and support. This fat is normal.

  • Normal or essential fat reserves are distributed evenly throughout the body and are used as a day-to-day source of energy and metabolic activity. Both structural fat and normal fat are considered normal. The body never gets obese on these two normal types of fat.

  • Abnormal fat is the “obesity causing” fat. It tends to accumulate around the hips, thighs, waist, stomach buttocks, behind the upper arms (in women) and the upper chest, back and neck (in men). These fat reserves are not released during normal diet and exercise and tend to store toxins that fail to get eliminated by the body's elimination systems. It is the burning of this abnormal fat that is the focus of the hA2cg Evolution diet.

Dr. Simeons, in his book, Pounds and Inches says “When an obese patient tries to reduce by starving himself, he will first lose his normal fat reserves. When these are exhausted he begins to burn up structural fat, and only as a last resort will the body yield its abnormal reserves, though by that time the patient usually feels so weak and hungry that the diet is abandoned. It is just for this reason that obese patients complain that when they diet they lose the wrong fat. They feel famished and tired and their face becomes drawn and haggard, but their belly, hips, thighs and upper arms show little improvement. The fat they have come to detest stays on and the fat they need to cover their bones gets less and less. Their skin wrinkles and they look old and miserable. And that is one of the most frustrating and depressing experiences a human being can have.”

Introducing hA2cg Evolution

Previously, scientists thought that the entire HCG molecule was necessary to support weight loss. However, we now know that the entire HCG molecule is a less effective and inefficient way to get the desired weight-loss effect.

Research has shown that large protein molecules have certain smaller amino chain groups that actually perform the biological actions. Scientists have known for quite some time that in protein molecules such as angiotensinogen, (also known as rennin substrate) composed of 452 amino acids, that only the first 12 are active. Similarly, in HCG, only certain amino chain groups are active and produce all of HCG's effect on the body.

The bulky HCG molecule contains an A chain group (92 amino acids) and a B chain group (145 amino acids). The only operational and effective chain groups in the entire molecule are 25 amino acids in the A chain group and 30 amino acids in the B chain group.

                   23.2% Bioactive                                                                                                 99.5% Bioactive              

By isolating these chain groups, DesBio has produced an exclusive homeopathic product, hA2cg Evolution,that allows for a more direct route to trigger the actions of HCG. Hence, the body doesn't need to process the large HCG protein molecule and all the nonessential and ineffective amino chain groups it contains.

hA2cg Evolution delivers superior results over traditional HCG (injectable or homeopathic) by:
  • Providing a more robust and powerful dual-form version of HCG
  • Isolating, concentrating, and delivering only the active, useful portions of HCG
  • Triggering a more effective response from the body by relaying a focused message from two compact and precise molecules
  • Eliminating the need for the body to process the clumsy and less effective traditional HCG molecule
  • Increasing the menu flexibility of the traditionally rigid HCG protocol because the active amino chains have a stronger, more robust effect on the body.

The main ingredients of hA2cg Evolution  were created by isolating and concentrating only the two active pieces of the large HCG molecule into two compact and precise active amino acid chain groups. This provides heightened therapeutic efficacy, improves overall HCG protocol success and sends a clear, sharp, focused message to the brain.

Formulated and manufactured according to rigorous standards:
  • Manufactured in an FDA registered facility
  • Made from the highest quality US-sourced ingredients
  • Hand-succussed for optimal effectiveness
  • Contains 21 carefully chosen homeopathic ingredients

Unique formula supports crucial body systems to:
  • Decrease hunger-related issues
  • Clarify message to the brain to improve diencephalon reset
  • Reduce known side effects resulting from weak HCG signaling (weakness, energy loss, etc.)
  • Diminish plateaus and ineffective periods of weight loss during the protocol
  • Improve successful maintenance of weight
  • Inhibit the conversion of carbohydrates to fat
  • Stimulate the immune system
  • Reduce craving and addictions
  • Support the nervous system
  • Reduce potential diabetic side-effects

Risks and Discomforts for the hA2cg Evolution Diet Protocol

Below is a list of risks and discomforts that may be experienced by a small part of the population, in particular, those patients that are already predisposed to allergies, the latter conditions caused by a hyper stimulation of
the hormone heparin within the body. The patient should inform their primary health provider if any of the following conditions occur:

Allergic Responses

If you experience allergic reaction to other substrates, you may have sensitivities to hA2cg Evolution.  It is required that you stop using hA2cg Evolution and report your allergic response to you provider immediately. The following are signs of an allergic reaction:
  • Hives
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat

Before receiving hA2cg Evolution tell me if you are allergic to any drugs or medications or if you have:
  • A thyroid or adrenal gland disorder
  • An ovarian cyst
  • Cancer or a tumor of the breast, ovary, uterus, prostate, hypothalamus, or pituitary gland
  • Undiagnosed uterine bleeding
  • Diabetes (type I or II)
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Migraines
  • Asthma

It is necessary for the provider to know these predisposed pathologies in order to rule out conditions that may not be related to the hA2cg Evolution.

Also in allergic responses, the body overproduces fibrin which induces blood clotting, a potentially lethal situation. Call your health care provider immediately if you have any of these:
  • Signs of a blood clot
  • Pain
  • Warmth
  • Redness
  • Numbness
  • Tingling in your arm or leg
  • Confusion
  • Extreme dizziness
  • Severe headache
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Urinating less than normal

Less Serious Side Effects May Include

Less Serious side effects may occur from the change in dietary patterns, until the blood sugar levels stabilize.
These less serious side effects include:
  • Headaches (diet related)
  • Feeling restless or irritable
  • Mild swelling or water weight gain
  • Depression
  • Breast tenderness or swelling

Other drugs may affect hA2cg Evolution

There may be other drugs that can interact with hA2cg Evolution. Therefore it may be necessary to discontinue the use of certain medications and supplements. Tell your provider about all prescriptions and over-the-counter medications, and nutritional supplements you use. This includes vitamins, minerals, and herbal products, including medications prescribed by other providers. If it is deemed necessary to discontinue or reduce the frequency of use of a medication it is your responsibility to communicate and receive clearance from the prescribing provider. Do not start using a new medication without telling your providers.

Birth Control, Pregnancy and Breast Feeding

If your provider recommends discontinuing oral birth control pills during the ha2cg Evolution Weight Loss Program, it is imperative that alternative birth control methods be used responsibly. If you have any reason to believe you may be pregnant or become pregnant during your weight loss program contact your health care provider immediately.

It is not known whether hA2cg Evolution passes into breast milk, therefore breast feeding should be discontinued for the duration of the hA2cg Evolution Weight Loss program.

Mandatory Adherence to hA2cg Evolution Weight Loss Protocol

To experience success on the hA2cg Evolution Weight Loss Program, it is preferable that you follow the protocol explicitly.  For obvious reasons, we do not warrant the results of its weight loss program due largely to off-site administration and patient imposed application of the program.  

Dr. Simeon’s Original HCG Diet Menu

Gain Before Loss

You must eat to capacity for two days after starting the treatment regardless of how much weight you may gain in the process.  You cannot begin a 500 calorie diet comfortably unless your normal fat reserves are reasonably well stocked. It is a fundamental mistake to start a 500 calorie diet as soon as the treatment starts, as it seems to take about three days before abnormally deposited fat begins to circulate and this becomes available.


Tea or coffee in any quantity without sugar: stevia or xylitol may be used—no other form of sweetener is allowed. One tablespoon of skim milk may be used.

  1. Protein – 3.5 oz. of lean, organic veal, beef, chicken breast, fresh white fish, tilapia, lobster, crab or shrimp. All visible fat must be carefully removed before cooking and the meat must be weighed raw. It must be boiled or grilled without additional fat.  Salmon, eel, tuna, herring, dried or pickled fish are not allowed.  The chicken breast must be removed from the bird.
  2. Vegetable – Must be selected from the following: spinach, chard, chicory, beet-greens, green lettuce, tomatoes, celery, fennel, onions, red radishes, cucumbers, asparagus, and cabbage (vegetables should not be mixed).
  3. Starch – One bread stick (Grissini only) or one 20 calorie Melba toast.
  4. Fruit – An apple, orange, a handful of strawberries or one half grapefruit.


The same four choices as lunch, however you should not eat the same combination of protein and vegetables for both meals.

Drinks & Seasonings:

Black coffee, plain tea, green tea or herb teas and water may be consumed without restriction; no sweeteners except Stevia or xylitol are acceptable.

The juice from one lemon daily is allowed for all purposes.

Salt, pepper, vinegar, mustard powder, garlic, sweet basil, parsley, thyme, marjoram, etc. may be used for seasoning but no oil, butter, or dressings or balsamic vinegar.  Make sure that any spices or seasonings used do contain sugar.

Just remember, the weeks go by fast, so it won't be long until you are in the Maintenance Phase, when you can enjoy fats, oils, and ranch or bleu cheese salad dressings.

The fruit or the vegetable  may be eaten between meals instead of with lunch or dinner, but no more than four items listed for lunch and dinner may be eaten at one meal, and the calories must be subtracted from the meal.

Libich Chiropractic's
New hA2cg Evolution Protocol

Because of the efficiency of the new hA2cg Evolution, many have had success with slight modifications to the original Simeons diet, allowing for menu flexibility. With this in mind, careful attention should be paid to the type and quantity of food intake. If the desired results (1 ½  pounds or more in 3 days) are not being achieved, a return to the stricter Simeons diet should be made!

With all this in mind, let me just say that this program is designed to not only help you with your weight loss and help you keep it off, but more importantly, it is designed to help you improve your overall health. In most cases with obesity there are underlying (and sometimes not-so-underlying) serious health concerns, e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. Many experts feel you need to get healthy before you can lose weight while others propose losing weight first then try to get healthy. I feel both can be accomplished simultaneously. Neither disease nor obesity occur overnight. It takes time. Hopefully, over the next few weeks you will have become “more connected” with your body. You will begin to recognize those foods and lifestyle choices that enhance your health and many of those underlying health concerns will never manifest themselves and you find you are not only at an acceptable healthy weight—you are healthier!

For optimum results stick with the approved foods below which have been carefully selected to help you obtain maximum nutrition with a minimum of calories, added toxins or allergens. Most people who are overweight are “big eaters” and the idea of a 500 calorie diet is frightening. They're afraid of going hungry or that there will not be enough food to eat. Very few people experience any hunger during the protocol except at meal times, and often times not even then. Stick to the approved foods list and what you will find is that you can eat a lot of food! Read this again, these nutrient dense foods will allow you to eat a lot of food!

What happens to most overweight people is that their “I am full” signal to the brain doesn't get triggered because of malnutrition. Not malnutrition from calories, they get plenty of calories. It's the vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, etc. that are lacking. Tragically, the food consumed in today's culture is deficient in bioavailable (absorbable)  micronutrients  (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants, etc.) but loaded with macronutrients(calories from fat, protein and carbohydrates). For instance, they might continue to eat an additional 200 to 300 calories of  food at a meal over their caloric needs just so the body can hopefully grab an extra microgram of zinc. The mega-processing of food today unfortunately removes many of the micronutrients (that’s if they were even there to begin with) in order to provide a longer shelf life at the grocery store. And if that were not bad enough, the ones that are left are not bioavailable (the body can't absorb or use them). All that's left are “empty calories.”

Sure, calories are necessary for energy, but optimum health requires much more than just calories. Most people are only concerned with the number of calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates or sodium on the products' ingredients labels and hope their cheap, over the counter vitamins will fill in the void. Most of the cheaper supplements, and many of the more expensive ones, on the market today offer little in the way of bioavailable nutrients. I will go into much more detail on all this later. So, for now, just stick to the approved foods list and you will receive maximum micronutrients and minimal macronutrients for the amount of consumed food. The rest of your caloric needs will be met by the body's burning of the abnormal fat—which is the objective of the hA2cg Evolution protocol.

Days 1 and 2: Begin taking the hA2cg Evolution drops (10 drops 3 times per day—5 drops 6 times per day is optimal) under the tongue. These are gorge days to replenish your essential fats—so gorge. Eat all the high carb/high fat foods you want to. Enjoy the pizza while you can. If you feel you need an extra day, go ahead and take it, especially if you've recently been dieting (but no more than 3 days total). You will probably gain a pound or two, but don't worry about it. You will need your essential fat reserves well stocked before you begin the diet. The essential fats are called essential for a reason! They're essential for a variety of metabolic activity. You need them well stocked up for all the metabolic processes that are going to take place over the next few weeks. If your body runs out of them before the session ends in 26 days, your are going to get VERY hungry. In addition, if you are not already taking one,  it is recommended you begin taking a high quality multivitamin/multimineral supplement. We only recommend intraMAX by Drucker Labs (lots more on this later). This will help you both with the detox that will take place as your body starts to deal with all the toxins that are going to be released in circulation as well as insuring you have all the necessary nutrients your body needs during this stressful time. In addition, the healthy essential fatty acids included in intraMAX will help your own body's essential fats last longer so you don't exhaust them prematurely. If you run out of your normal fat reserves prior to the day you are to come off the drops, you are going to get very very hungry!

Days 3 thought 23:

Begin my two meal a day plan and continue the drops under the tongue as well as the vitamins. I really don't even want you counting calories or weighing the food. Just eat the approved foods as outlined. In general it's a small piece of lean meat about the size of a deck of cards, all the fibrous carb vegetables you want, mix and match as you like—eat as much as you want, and some fruit and/or berries for desert about the size of an apple. I don't want you going hungry. Fill up at each meal. If you find yourself with the munchies between meals, feel free to snack on any of the approved fibrous carb vegetables, an apple, orange or dill pickle. Eat just enough to satisfy the hunger and don't spoil your next meal. The reason you have these cravings is due to nutritional deficiencies. With time these cravings will pass as you replenish these nutritional deficiencies. NOTE: If for some reason you don't see the weight coming off like it should, (1 ½ lbs. or more in 3 days) immediately return to the stricter Simeons protocol outlined above.


Fresh brewed tea or coffee (no instant anything) in any quantity without sugar: stevia or xylitol may be used—no other form of sweetener is allowed. One tablespoon of skim milk may be used.

Lunch: (Make sure the first bite of food you eat is at last 10 to 12 hours AFTER the last bite of food you ate the previous day.
  • Protein – 3.5 oz. of lean meat. Choose from the approved list below. Try to eat only “fresh” meat if you can. Avoid processed or canned meats. All visible fat must be carefully removed before cooking and the meat must be weighed raw.  It must be boiled or grilled without additional fat.  No “fatty” meat allowed such as: Salmon, eel, herring, dried or pickled fish.  I am making an exception with regard to tuna. It is believed that back in the 50's when Dr. Simeons developed his original protocol that tuna was commonly packed in oil and therefore didn't include it in the diet. However tuna is readily available today packed in water and is popularly known as a healthy, lean source of protein...so I'm allowing it in my protocol. However, I still feel that organic, fresh, grass-feed/live caught sources of protein are a better choice, but for those times when you are traveling or in a hurry, a 3.5 oz can of albacore tuna (along with a vegetable and a fruit e.g. tuna, carrots and an apple) can be a quick fix. More on this later. Pay particular attention to the labels. Remember, any fat you consume will only slow the weight loss down as the hA2cg Evolution causes the body to burn the ingested fat before the abnormal fat you are trying to get rid of from your body.

  • Vegetable – Choose any of the approved fibrous carb vegetables. Mix and match as you like. Note—live cell vegetables are best (think raw) but streamed, grilled or boiled are okay as well. Try to purchase fresh, locally grown vegetables (organic even better) when you can. However, fresh produce from the counter or frozen are a good second choice. Choose canned vegetables last. When it comes to eating fibrous carbohydrate vegetables, plentiful in micro-nutrients but low in macro-nutrients (calories) you can hardly over eat on them. Feel free to fill your plate up! Go back for seconds if you like.

  • Fibrous carb vegetables  may be eaten between meals if you get the “munchies.” Try not to exceed the 500 calorie limit but never exceed 750 calories for the day.

  • Starch –  Once per week you may eat a “starchy” serving like sweet potato, white potato, winter squash, beans or peas.  Remember, though, no butter or fats allowed.

  • Fruit – Choose 1 serving from any of the berries or fruits listed below. You may mix and match, just make sure that the combined total equals one serving.

  • Grains—no grains allowed--no corn (often confused as being a vegetable) no wheat, no rice, no oats, etc. There are many good reasons for this that I go into later, but for now, it’s thought that the consumption of grains interferes with the diencephalon reset. So, no grains--none.

  • Nuts—none, too much fat. You can have these later during and after the maintenance phase.

  • NOTE: Again, if you don't see the weight coming off like it should, (1 ½ lbs. or more in 3 days) immediately return to the stricter Simeons protocol outlined above.


The same choices as lunch, however you should not eat the same combination of protein, vegetables and fruit or berries 2  meals in a row.

Drinks & Seasonings:

Black Coffee, plain tea, herb teas, green tea (green tea is excellent for fat metabolism and antioxidants) and water (drink lots of water, distilled water if you can) may be consumed without restriction; no sweeteners except Stevia or xylitol are acceptable. No alcohol.

The juice from one lemon or lime daily is allowed for all purposes.

Salt, pepper, vinegar, mustard powder, garlic, sweet basil, parsley, Mrs. Dash, thyme, marjoram, etc. may be used for seasoning but no oil, butter, or dressings or balsamic vinegar.  Make sure that any spices or seasonings used do not contain sugar.

Maintenance Phase:

This phase is considered by many to be the most critical time (3 weeks) of the protocol. This is when the diencephalon reset occurs. You've come this far, don't blow it now! No pizza yet.

During this phase there are no caloric restrictions, just types of food you eat. Continue with the same meals as above. You may now add some “healthy” fats to your diet, e.g. olive oil, coconut oil, all kinds of nuts, all kinds of seeds, flax seed oil, peanut butter, fatty fish, etc. Continue to avoid sugars, grains and dairy products as it is thought that these foods interfere with the diencephalon reset. Avoid any and all partially hydrogenated oils and unhealthy fats.

Recommendations for hA2cg Evolution Protocol Success

Purchase thawed protein servings. Before placing them in the freezer, divide out 3.5 oz. portions.  Always weigh your protein before cooking. Place smaller cut portions of 3.5 oz. on skewers to cook easier and to keep it together. Also, cooking up protein for the week can keep you from forgetting your meals when life gets busy. One mistake will sabotage your success.

Do not use any oil or non-stick sprays.  Try cooking on parchment paper or stone cookware.

Bake in the oven.  Try not to grill with gas or charcoal as it releases toxins and carcinogens into the meat.  The George Foreman grill is a great way to cook meals quickly.

Prepare vegetables in advance if you don’t have much morning time.  Organic produce as well as raw vegetables are encouraged.

Make chicken broth for cooking, dressings, and a warm drink. Measure out chicken into 3.5 oz. portions.  Cook with water, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, poultry seasoning, and any other spice.  Use chicken for meals and broth as needed.

Craving a soda…although it's best to avoid carbonated water due to its acidifying affect on your body, if the urge is uncontrollable, this is the lesser of 2 evils. Try carbonated mineral water with flavored liquid stevia, also available on Amazon.com.

Use apple cider, unsweetened rice wine vinegar or red wine vinegarette for salad dressing. You can add herbs and other seasonings to spice thing up.  No balsamic vinegar, too much sugar.

Try Bragg’s Liquid Aminos or Frank’s Red Hot Sauce for chicken or beef marinade.

Detox. Most people experience the Herxheimer reaction, or “healing crisis” which occurs when large quantities of toxins are released into circulation from the abnormal fat being burned as well as the toxins being released as the intraMAX does its work restoring deficient vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and removing toxins from your tissues. The reaction may be manifested by fever, chills, headache, runny nose, cold or flu like symptoms, muscle aches, malasia, (a big ten dollar word for “I don’t feel too good Mommy”) and exacerbation of skin lesions. The intensity of the reaction reflects the intensity of inflammation present. You may feel you are getting “sick.”  And just like a flu bug, this can last a few days. Talk to the me if you have any questions about this.

Sweet tooth…frozen sliced strawberries.  Bake a chopped apple with cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger.  After the apple is baked, try sprinkling with Stevia powder, or liquid Stevia in flavors like vanilla cream or toffee. Yum!

Carb Addiction. This is a serious problem for some people. Perhaps the best way to deal with it is recognize it for what it is, an addiction, and treat it as such. Your body may go through a withdrawal period which usually lasts approximately 24 hours and seldom longer than 48 hours. Treat it like a flu bug—it will get better, and just realize the urge to binge on sugars and carbohydrates will pass. The cravings for sugar can be quite strong. The symptoms have been compared to what any other addict goes though when trying to quit tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc. And just like any other addict, binging (feeding the addiction) will start the cycle all over again.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you're suffering from a carb addiction, why not take this opportunity to fix it. Teasing your taste buds with sweeteners (even if they are healthy ones like stevia or xylitol) only serves to keep the addiction alive. Lots of people like unsweetened tea and/or coffee. Challenge yourself to find out why they like it and learn to like it.

If you feel you must have a snack between meals, try a glass of water or unsweetened tea first. If this doesn't help eat an apple, dill pickle, celery, or a handful of baby carrot sticks.

You need 10 to 12 hours between the last meal (or snack) of the day and first meal of the next day. Continue this practice even after you've completed the diet. No food should be eaten after the last meal is consumed for at least 10 hours, preferably 12. It takes on average 8 hours to digest a meal. The additional 2-4 hours are necessary for daily detoxification and to give the digestive system a rest. A detox signal is sent by the brain approximately eight hours after your last meal, and requires at least four hours to function well. If you fill up your belly late at night and eat early again the next day, you are denying the body its full detox mode. It is better to go on a little fast each night as you sleep.

By the way, this “fasting time” is when most of your fat-loss occurs. It's also the time when much of the metabolic activity occurs for tissue damage repair and toxins are released. This is why the ritual called breakfast exists. We are literally “breaking the fast” that occurred since the previous evening. If you do nothing more in your life than start to eat lighter in the evening and leave twelve hours between dinner one night and breakfast the next day, you will find that you have more energy and improve your overall health. Non caloric drinks such as herbal teas and coffee are fine. If a sweetener is desired it must be Stevia or xylitol. Distilled water is the best choice in my opinion.

Exercise. Many people are already on an exercise program when they start this, and if you are it is okay to continue. My preference would be that you perform 4 minutes of Tabata exercises 2 to 3 times per week for a few weeks instead of your usual routine. If you start having trouble with weakness or feeling lightheaded, talk to me. However, for the rest, it is not recommended to perform weight training or aerobic exercises during the very restrictive caloric diet period, some feel they “do better” with some type of activity. For this reason, we suggest 4 minutes of Tabata training no more than 3 times per week. For an example of Tabata training watch this short video:

Virtually any exercise could be used in Tabata training.

During the maintenance phase and after you may resume any exercise activity you desire, in fact, regular exercise is encouraged. Regular exercise will enhance your stamina and immune system as well as build muscle which increases your basic metabolic rate (burns more calories). Although exercise, in my opinion, has less to do with weight loss than diet does, the psychological relationship of the very act of exercising has a profound affect on some people with regard to diet. They become “more aware” of how, what and when they are eating. In other words, if a person has paid for a gym membership, they feel guilty if they don’t use it. If they exercise, they feel guilty if they don’t eat right.

Others, however, feel, and I’ve heard them say it, “I can eat anything I want, I exercise.” For these people, it’s my opinion that, long term, this is a mistake, and it will eventually catch up with them--especially if their “...anything I want” foods are a steady diet of the nutritionally deficient, highly processed, toxin laden foods of the Standard American Diet and not the nutrient rich, health promoting foods you will be reading about about here.

Use http://www.thecaloriecounter.com/  for any questions about the amount of calories in a food item.

Weigh yourself everyday on the same scale the first thing when you wake up after you've emptied your bladder.

Plateaus: They happen to almost everyone and can last up to 6 days. Don't get discouraged. If they go longer than 3-4 days try one of these examples.
  1. To break a plateau try an “apple day.” Eat as many apples as you like, but only eat apples all day.
  2. You could also try a “steak day.” Eat nothing but a large steak and an apple for dinner—nothing else all day.
  3. Go back to the stricter Simeons protocol outlined above.
  4. Understand this, on a 500 calorie diet, drops or no drops, weight loss is inevitable for an obese person. If you're not losing weight over a 3 to 4 day (at least 1 ½ pounds) period there has to be a reason. Talk to me so we can find out why.

Eat a “live cell” food with every meal. Cooked foods are devoid of enzymes and your body needs these to metabolize the food properly. The fresher the foods you eat, the more potent their nutrients. However, you won’t lose too many nutrients if you make your meals at night in order to take them to work the next day. Fresh frozen fruits and berries are acceptable, especially if they are organic.

Canned fruits and vegetables usually contain chemical preservatives/extra sodium and/or sugar, and sometimes high fructose corn syrup, so avoid them at all costs. The exceptions would be foods that you canned or froze yourself--because you know what you put in them (nothing unhealthy of course).

Make sure you wash them properly, but eat something fresh and raw with every meal. Suggestions include, tomato, apple, pear, peach, orange, celery, lettuce, spinach, grapes, grapefruit, squash, zucchini, peppers, onions, turnip, carrots, etc. Frozen fruits are acceptable, especially if they are organic. As an example, just including a single, raw apple with a meal gives these additional benefits:
  1. Fresh apples contain an abundance of pectin, which is a soluble fiber that absorbs toxins in the colon and helps keep you clean. Raw apples are the richest of fruits in pectin.
  2. Fresh apples contains upwards of 1% malic acid, which helps prevent kidney stones and sludge from forming.
  3. Besides being loaded with pectin, vitamins, and other beneficial nutrients, fresh apples are a power house of antioxidants, just behind cranberries.
  4. Fresh apples have notable antiviral properties, making it a valuable preventive measure against colds, bronchitis and other viral infections. Remember, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  5. Apple pectin can reduce the damaging effects of cholesterol.

Drink filtered, dechlorinated water. Better yet, drink distilled water. And while you are at it get a chlorine filter for your shower head. More than likely you are going to be drinking a lot more water in the future and less sodas and other unhealthy drinks. You see, chlorine is a fabulous thing to have in our water to protect us from all the microorganisms in our public water supply—right up to the point of drinking it. A quick Google search will enlighten you about the dangers of consuming chlorinated water. Back in the 60's Dr. Joseph M. Price, in his book Coronaries, Cholesterol and Chlorine found, and backed with a respectable degree research, that the free radical damage resulting from consuming chlorinated water is responsible for the majority of heart disease in our country resulting from cholesterol.

A good estimate of how much to drink is the amount it takes to cause you to pee hourly. A typical total daily water intake is two quarts. You may add fresh lemon, cucumber, or mint to the water for flavor. Herbal teas and hot water with lemon are fine, but have them in addition to the full amount of distilled water, not in place of it. Teas and coffee in general function as diuretics and could lead to mild dehydration. Some people struggle with drinking just plain water. All I can say is, learn to like it. It’s often said that it takes approximately 21 days to create a new habit, good or bad. Take this time to develop the good habit of drinking water...it’s one of the things your body is craving.

Do not drink commercial fruit juices, low-calorie sodas, “natural” sodas, or energy drinks. Carbonated water adds to the acidity in the body so it is wise to exclude this also. If you’re not sure what you can drink, go by the general rule that if it’s not hot or cold water, and if it’s in a bottle with a name on it, it’s probably to be avoided. In the whole scheme of things it's only for a few days of your life, so for now, keep it simple and pure. Incidentally, you can purchase a whole gallon of distilled water at most grocery stores for less than what a 12oz. bottle of water costs.

Distilled water, in my opinion, is the best choice. There are a lot of differing opinions over the type of water we should drink. Feel free to do your own research. I base my opinion on one thing and one thing only--common sense. Distilled water is Mother Nature’s water. It’s also the water found in plants and it’s the only water the cells in your body can use. As the jingle says, “You can’t outsmart Mother Nature.

After you've completed the hA2cg Evolution diet AND achieved your ideal weight.

It is now time to resume “normal” eating. Welcome to a healthier you! By now you should be able to recognize the foods and eating habits that caused you to gain weight in the first place. For most of the last 2 months you have been heating healthy, wholesome food—REAL food, not highly processed, toxic or man made foods—real food. And, you've lost that unhealthy, toxin-laden, abnormal, ugly body fat while retaining the healthy normal fat. Your energy has come back and you feel better. And you did it eating REAL food. No shakes, no prepackaged and preserved diet meals (that are deficient in nutrients), no bizarre 3rd world esoteric foods with names you can't pronounce or ever heard of, no harsh fasting (starving)—no, you did it with REAL food. Nutrient rich food. Foods loaded with enzymes and nutrients that not only keep you healthy and fit but energized.

Most people are so happy with their new bodies they don't want to go back to eating the kinds of food they did before. And it's a good idea that you don't. But if you do, just don't make it a daily habit. Now that you're stabilized, you can have those “unhealthy” choices occasionally (think once a week) with no noticeable weight gain. There's little wrong with, say, a bowl of ice cream, a pizza, a burger and fries, or a piece of pie once per week. It’s not as good for you, but once-in-awhile-comfort-food isn’t going to cause you too much grief. It's the daily habit that causes the problem and leads to obesity. This doesn’t mean you should have pie on Monday, cake on Tuesday, pizza on Wednesday, ice cream on Thursday, burger and fries on Friday, etc. It means one or two comfort foods a week, if at all.

As an added bonus, when you switch from a poor diet to a better one, better bowel movements are one of the earliest benefits many people see. It can be a major part of the relief and improvement that comes from detoxing with this program, both physically and mentally. And there is no reason for this benefit to be lost after you finish, provided that you continue to eat and drink foods that do not cause irritation and mucus production in your system, take your intraMAX, keep the intestinal flora in good repair, and maintain the twelve-hour window at night.

Pay particular attention to those foods you suspect might cause you to gain weight (you know, cakes, pies, pastries, donuts, fast food, basically all grains and dairy products, etc.) over  the next few weeks. If you see the scales inching up 2 pounds over your goal weight...well you should know what to do now.

Dr. Libich’s hA2cg Evolution Approved Food List


Red Meat (grass fed is best)
  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Bison
  • Ostrich
  • Venison (or other wild game)
  • Goat

Poultry (free-range is best) stick with the leaner breast meat. If you eat dark meat, limit to one serving per week and trim any excess fat:
  • Turkey
  • Chicken
  • Duck
  • Wild fowl like quail, pheasant, guinea, dove, etc.
  • No goose—too fat
  • Eggs, hard boiled or poached (one serving of 2 eggs, per week)

Fish and Seafood: (wild caught is best)
  • Tilapia
  • Shrimp
  • Lobster
  • White fish
  • Crab
  • Albacore tuna (packed in water)

Fibrous Carbohydrate Vegetables:
  • Arugula
  • Asparagus
  • Beets
  • Broccoli
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Celery
  • Cucumbers
  • Endive
  • Garlic
  • Green beans
  • Greens (any kind, mustard, turnip, collard, beet, etc.)
  • Kale
  • Leeks
  • Lettuce (all kinds)
  • Mushrooms
  • Okra
  • Onions
  • Peppers
  • Radishes
  • Spinach
  • Squash
  • Swiss chard
  • Snow peas
  • Tomato (can be considered an approved fruit as well)
  • Turnips
  • Watercress
  • Zucchini

Berries: (fresh or frozen only, no dried or canned berries—too much sugar)
  • Blueberries
  • Blackberries
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Goji Berries
  • Huckleberries
  • Cranberries

Fruit: (fresh or frozen only, no dried or canned fruits—too much sugar)
  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Grapefruit
  • Kiwi
  • Watermelon
  • Honeydew
  • Cantaloupe
  • Tomato (can be considered an approved vegetable as well)
  • Grapes (one serving per week)
  • Banana (one per week)
  • Pears
  • Peaches
  • Pineapple
  • Mango
  • Apricots
  • Avocado--yes it’s a fruit (one serving per week)
  • Pomegranate

Special Notes/Warnings for the hA2cg Evolution Protocol

  • You must follow the protocol exactly!  Absolutely no variation without discussion with me first.

  • Reset/Fix/Improve your base metabolism requires the completion of a minimum of 20 consecutive days of no cheating on an ha2cg Evolution protocol low calorie diet, not including the first two gorge days. Dr. Simeons states that “We never give a treatment lasting less than 26 days, even in patients needing to lose only 5 pounds.  It seems that even in the mildest cases of obesity the diencephalon (brain) requires about three weeks rest from the maximal exertion to which it has been previously subjected in order to regain fully its normal fat-banking capacity.  Clinically this expresses itself, in the fact that, when, in these mild cases treatment is stopped as soon as the weight is normal, which may be achieved in a week, it is much more easily regained than after a full course of 23 applications”.

“Interruptions occurring before 20 effective applications (non-gorge days) have been given are most undesirable, because with less than that number of applications some weight is liable to be regained. After the 20th application an unavoidable interruption is merely a loss of time.”  Dr. Simeons

  • Maintenance of weight loss is determined mainly by how well you perform the requirements of the hA2cg Evolution protocol and how well you perform the maintenance phase. During the maintenance phase you will instill a new weight set point for your body. If you avoid sugars and starches during the three weeks following the hA2cg Evolution drops phase and don’t go over your maintenance weight, you should be able to keep your weight steady. Avoiding sugars and starches helps the body maintain its weight producing less cravings and a more satisfaction with less food intake. If you gain more than 2 pounds at any given time during the maintenance phase over the weight you achieved at the end (3 days after you stopped taking the drops), skip breakfast and lunch and for dinner eat a large steak and an apple—nothing else.

  • If you require more than one session,  that is, you have more than 20 to 30 pounds to lose before you reach a BMI of 25,  (for some reason hA2cg Evolution loses its effect around the 25 BMI mark) don't worry, a BMI of 25 is the upper limit of a healthy weight, then you will need to wait a period of 6 weeks before beginning your second session. A third session requires an 8 week interval, fourth session, 12 week interval, and fifth session, 20 week interval.

  • This office recommends you do not take drops longer than 30 days (preferably 23) and no less than 21.  Dr. Simeons wrote that the body becomes immune to HCG after 40 days and has no lasting effect if taken less than 20 days. We don’t know yet if this is the case with hA2cg Evolution, but why take the chance? There are some HCG protocols that suggest you can continue the drops as long as 40 days. It has been my experience that around the 21 day mark patients seem to begin to run out of their essential fat (the fat necessary for essential metabolic activity) reserves causing them to begin to get really hungry. It takes approximately 3 days for the hA2cg Evolution to get your abnormal fat burning efficiently (which is a good time to binge and stock up on your essential fat reserves) and approximately 3 days for it to leave your system when you stop taking the drops (which is why you must continue the low calorie diet those 3 days). It is my opinion, that now that you've achieved a new weight level (ideal or otherwise) it's a good time to take the next 3 weeks of maintenance phase and have the diencephalon reset at this new weight. If there is more weight to lose we can do that later (see the bullet above).

Watch Out For That Oil In Those Cosmetics...

Dr. Simeon wrote that “Most women find it hard to believe that fats, oils, creams, and ointments applied to the skin are absorbed and interfere with weight reduction by HCG just as if they had been eaten. This almost incredible sensitivity to even such very minor increases in nutritional intake is a peculiar feature of the HCG method”.

It is important to understand that while on the hA2cg Evolution protocol sugars, starches, oils and fats are found in many skin care products, and can have the same affect as if they were ingested. Cosmetics containing petroleum, lanolin or other oils are strictly prohibited.  Please look at all labels. It is hard to give up your favorite products, but remember it is only for forty days. Look for oil-free products. There are new ones on the market all the time.  

Quick and Simple Meals

The hustle and bustle of today’s busy lifestyles creates a challenge for some people on the hA2cg Evolution diet. Let’s face it, most of us lead hectic and busy lives. How can we fit “one more thing” into our daily schedule? Well, the bottom line is diet or no diet you’ve got to eat.

Actually, it’s not as difficult as you might think. Small adjustments here in there in daily routines are all that’s necessary in most cases and most of this is in “how we think” about the use of our time rather than the actual use of our time. For example, you know you’ve got to find a way to get a quick meal in at lunch time or dinner that includes your 3 ½ oz. piece of lean meat, a vegetable and a fruit in between your schedule of running errands, work, travel, etc. You’ve got all these balls in the air and you’re thinking you’ve got to add one more ball. Not exactly. You’ve got to eat anyway, so how can we replace the time you’re spending preparing/picking up/driving through, etc. for the meals you are familiar with, with equal to or less time than what you’ve been doing? The habits you have created and are familiar with need to be adjusted somewhat--but the time spent should be about the same. And after a few days, these new habits will replace the old ones and you’ll wonder why you never thought this way to begin with.

I lead a pretty busy life myself, and I’ve included some examples of what I found to be easily incorporated in a busy schedule:
  • You forgot/didn’t have time to/were too tired and didn’t feel like it or any other reason for not eating/preparing/packing your lunch or dinner. Your usual habit would be to grab a quick bite in the car at a drive through restaurant. Rather than run through a drive through at the local burger or taco joint, stop in at the local grocery store. Grab a 3 can pack of albacore tuna in water with the quick pull open lids. They are conveniently sized right at 3 ½ oz. and located usually in the canned meat section. Swing by the deli and pick up a plastic spoon or fork (to eat the tuna in the car and they’re usually free) grab a small bag of baby carrots and an apple in the produce section and a bottle of water. You’ll be out the door and back in your car in about 5 minutes--no longer than it takes to go through the drive through, much healthier and less expensive, you still have 2 cans of tuna left over for later such situations, and you didn’t blow your diet! You could substitute any meat, vegetable and fruit of your liking that they might have that’s on the approved foods list.

  • You’re at home and none of the food being prepared for everyone else in the house fits your diet. Maybe it’s pizza night or Chinese take out., or it’s spaghetti night...what do you do? Get that frozen boneless, skinless chicken breast or a couple of the chicken tenders out of the freezer, toss it on the George Foreman grill, sprinkle with some of your favorite seasoning like Mrs. Dash. When the chicken breast is done, cut it in half, and put half of it in the refrigerator for a later quick meal. Salt and pepper to taste. One large chicken breast is too much meat so cut it in half. Weigh it out if you like. Two pieces of chicken tenders are about right. While the chicken is cooking grab the small bag of mixed vegetables/green beans/asparagus/broccoli, etc. out of the freezer and put in a microwavable dish, again with your favorite seasonings, cook for approximately 6 minutes. Salt and pepper to taste. Top it all off with a serving of fresh strawberries. Serving time, approximately 10 minutes (quicker than pizza can be delivered). Cheaper, healthier, quicker--and you didn’t blow your diet! Again, you could substitute the meat with a small piece of lean steak, burger patty, turkey breast, etc. I’ve also found that zucchini or squash, and/or large bell peppers, sliced length wise with some seasoning grills up nicely on the George Foreman grill.

  • Grab a piece of the frozen Tilapia from the freezer, (we get ours from Aldi’s--they come in 2lb. family value packs with each piece individually frozen) and a large Vidalia onion, put in a microwaveable dish large enough to hold both. Sprinkle the Tilapia with your favorite salmon seasoning and dill. Peel the outer layer off the onion and place in the dish whole. Cook for in the microwave for approximately 10 minutes. When the fish and the onion are done, take a knife and starting at the top end of the onion and slice it into several pieces but leaving it all together, kind of like those flowering onions you see at festivals, squirt some lime juice in the middle of the onion. Enjoy! Instead of the onion, I’ve used mixed vegetables at times. I’ve also just sliced a raw tomato or two and salted to taste. Polish it off with one of the small plastic containers of blackberries or blueberries from the produce counter. Serving time about 15 minutes.

  • Of course there is always the quick salad. Chop and mix, some romaine lettuce, and/or any other kind of lettuce, tomato, bell pepper, sliced mushrooms, spinach, olives, sliced apple, carrots, squash, zucchini, onion, celery, strawberries, etc. For the greens you can also use ready made packages of mixed greens readily available at most grocery stores. For the meat you can use any one of these: albacore tuna, grilled sliced chicken breast, grilled steak strips, turkey, etc. Sprinkle with Mrs. Dash and/or other seasoning and red wine vinaigrette dressing. Ready to eat in about 10 minutes. Yum! By the way, salsa is also a fantastic salad dressing.
      • Recipe for homemade Red Wine Vinaigrette Salad dressing:

        • 1/3 cup Red Wine Vinegar

        • 1.4 tsp Sea Salt

        • 1.4 tsp Garlic Powder

        • 2 Tbsp Water

        • 2 Tbsp Dried Thyme

        • 1.4 tsp Cracked Pepper

        • 1 Tbsp Dried Basil

    Combine ingredients into a small dish and mix until evenly blended. Sprinkle over salad to taste.

  • Some people think they have to thaw the meat before grilling or microwaving. I haven’t found this to be necessary. In fact, the meat is juicier and more tender when cooked frozen. Just make sure it’s cooked all the way through.

  • Got a hankering for some spaghetti? Use spaghetti squash instead. Slice it in half, remove the seeds, place face down in the microwave and cook till the spaghetti squash can be removed with a fork (about 15 minutes). It looks like spaghetti and is way more nutritious without all those refined carbohydrates in regular pasta. Cover with your favorite all natural spaghetti sauce (that you’ve had heating on the stove while the squash was cooking) sprinkle a teaspoon of feta cheese on it and enjoy. I know, I know you’re not supposed to have cheese--but come on, it’s spaghetti night and a little ONCE during the diet won’t hurt. There’s less than 0.7 grams of fat and less than 8 calories in a teaspoon of feta. Besides, REAL feta cheese--not that imitation stuff--is made from goat cheese, which is way better for you. For desert, savor a half a cantaloupe. Ready to eat in about 20 minutes.

These are just simple, quick and easy things I’ve done to save on time and still get a nutritious meal. Hopefully you found this helpful. There are endless ways of meeting your mealtime needs without blowing the diet or interfering with your busy schedule. It’s more about how you think and replacing one habit with another than anything else. Meal times don’t have to be a lot of work, but some planning ahead helps. For instance, it’s a good idea to keep some fresh or frozen vegetables, fruit and berries on hand as well as some frozen meats, and canned chicken breast or albacore tuna.

Variety is one of the keys too. Not only does it keep you from getting bored with the diet, switching up the foods assists the body in gathering its needed nutrients for better health and healing. It also seems to send the “I am full” signal to the brain more efficiently letting you know when it’s time to stop eating. Remember, 300 calories of the fibrous carb foods we’ve been talking about above is larger in volume so it takes up way more space in your stomach than 300 calories of the condensed, highly processed, micronutrient deficient foods of the Standard American Diet.

The above quick meals are only to help you get started thinking differently about your meals. Feel free to experiment with different foods so that you don't get bored. The general idea is to get as much nutritional value as you can with the time allowed. When I first started this I had to look ahead a week in advance to know what I was going to be eating. Today, I never know from day to day or meal to meal what I will eat. I just know that generally, it will be a small piece of protein (usually meat) some fibrous carb vegetables, and a piece of fruit or some berries. Either the vegetables or fruit/berries or both will be raw.

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